I took treatment from Dr. Mahesh Kumar. His treatment is very fine. He treated his patients smoothly.

P. N. Bharathi

Last for more than ten years, I am attending this clinic and Dr. Mahesh Kumar is kind enough and treating his patients very gently and I am satisfied with his treatment.

K. Subramaniam

Very good treatment. I am satisfied to take treatment from this doctor. Past ten years I have taken treatment from this doctor. Very kind and sincere treatment.

L. Susila

I took treatment from Dr. Mahesh Kumar for the past ten years. I am very much satisfied with his treatment and my best wishes to doctor for his future.

L. Rajalakshmi

Since I am his very old patient, his treatment is very excellent.


He speaks very kindly to children. My son feels good under his treatment.

Dr. A. K. Rathna Kumari

I am basically from Gujarat but getting treatment here I felt at home. Doctor is very methodical and meticulous. Also very soft spoken and co-operative. I wish him all the very best.

R. S. Joshi

Doctor treats patient with extreme care and polite response. I would like to thank the doctor.

Yamini Sree

Fear for treatment goes off completely when you are assured that there will be no pain. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless.

Latisha Henry

Good treatment and very hygienic clinic. I would like to thank the doctor and support staff for all the work and for making my smile beautiful.

Aiswarya Sridharan

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